LLOC is for those wishing to be married in a rustic LLOC-June2013 cabins and bathhouse 174setting, surround by nature in all its glory. You would be hard pressed to find a better site. We provide just enough civilization that even your most traditional guests will be impressed. You will find that no matter how much you decorate it, it will always look and “feel” like an old fashioned youth camp. Add to that a terrain that looks like a scene from the U.P. and you begin to understand why this camp is special (the camp is located within a glacial moraine that left behind huge mounds of sandy soil, carved out many lakes and is heavily forested with mature white pine and hardwood).

The camp was built by the Civil Conservation Corp in 1936. It is listed in the National Registry of seven lodgeHistoric Sites, and all the buildings on site are original. The “Lodge” (the dining hall and kitchen) are of timber frame construction, with a vaulted ceiling supported by mortise and tenon jointed beams. The dining hall easily seats 120 at hand crafted tables. Two massive stone fireplaces sit at either end of the dining hall, the stone quarried and cut on site. Rows of windows provide abundant light and ventilation. The large front porch is perfect for sitting and visiting. The kitchen is very large and includes stainless prep counters, prep island, prep sinks, dish washing sinks, and hand washing sink, and a Formica topped buffet counter. The kitchen porch doubles as a loading dock and is just steps away from the walk-in cooler and pantry. The commercial South Bend gas range incorporates 6 burners, a large griddle and 4 ovens. The commercial beverage cooler and small chest freezer round out the kitchen. The surrounding 4 bunkhouses and 16 seven ceremonycabins will sleep 120 people. The modern bath house is equipped with hot showers, lighted vanities, tiled walls and floors and of course modern bathroom facilities. It was built to meet the needs of the camp at full capacity.

The camp is sized for intimate weddings with our maximum total capacity set at 120 people. We offer wedding packages starting with 2 nights and three days, is priced at $2,800.00 and includes our camp clean-up package. Additional nights can be added for $950.00 per night. Please contact us for further details.

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